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New England Avionics Agronomy Aerial Services

Agriculture drones are flying across Australia’s farmlands and changing the way data is analysed, fertilisers and pesticides are spread and fields are scouted. Agriculture drones have the potential to change the way we farm. As federal regulations around Remote Piloted Aircraft loosen, innovations around the use of agriculture drones are hinting at improved crop yields, higher economic returns and better use of water, labor and less pollution.

Expected yield and actual yield don’t ever match up in the real world and while farmers can’t control the weather, they can improve the tools they have to manage their fields. Growers have reported that drones have reduced their management yield gaps by up to 25%—all with images gained from flights that can cost less than a bushel an acre.

We offer our Agronomy Aerial Services in the New England Tablelands and North West Region of NSW.

Why choose New England Avionics


We have 2 years experience in using Remote Piloted Aircraft and specialise in Broad-Acre Pasture and Agriculture Crop Surveys.

  • CASA Certified Pilots
  • Access to GrazAg Agronomists

New England Avionics has specialised optical sensors that can accurately map wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye, but give a good indication of the health of a plant. Such imagery is used in crop analysis were vegetation may appear to be lush and developing well from normal RGB data, but NGB images may show areas in a field were the plant is undergoing stress as a result from disease. over watering, pests, etc. Such information is very useful for farmers to get a snapshot of a crops health and proposed yields.

You can choose between a adhoc service or we can can offer services on a seasonal, yearly contract basis.


Our Aerial Survey Partners

New England Avionics has partnered with GrazAg to offer our Aerial Services. We are able to team up with GrazAg Agronomist to assist with data analysis reporting.

This partnership gives us the support and ability to offer our service in the New England Tablelands area.

  • Armidale
  • Guyra
  • Glen Innes

Our Local Experience

Last 12 months we have collected enough research data, with help from Litchfield Grazing – Loch Abba a cattle property located 15Kms out of Armidale, to offer a range of Broad-Acre and Pasture Aerial Surveys.

Our Aerial Services for Agriculture

  • 2D & 3D Mapping
  • Geographic Information System Management
  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Field Surveying Before Planting
  • Monitoring and assessment of crop yield
  • Drought and Erosion Assessment
  • Livestock Location, Status, Movement
  • Presence of Disease, Weeds and Nutrients
  • Planning and mapping of water-drainage
  • New Dam volumetric calculations
  • Pasture Health
  • Property Asset Surveys
  • Storm Damage Assessments (Including Roof Hail Damage Reports)
  • Property GIS Achieving and QGIS SaaS
  • PrecisionHawk Algorithm Reports

PrecisionHawk Algorithms


We have access a continually expanding library of professional, on-demand analysis tools to gain critical insights you want, when you need.



If you are interested in our Broad-Acre Aerial Drone Surveys for your property you can call us on 0408 245 309