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Environmental & Natural Resources Management Aerial Surveys

New England Avionics Aerial and Land, Natural Resources Management Surveys are ideally suited for a range of applications, like monitoring of native habitats, natural wildlife pest species and vegetation change. The regular mapping of sites also facilitates the reporting of progress to funding bodies whilst all data is supplied in data formats and projections for use in our QGIS SaaS.

Why choose New England Avionics

We have 2 years experience in using Remote Piloted Aircraft and specialise in Aerial Natural Resources Management Surveys.

  • CASA Certified Pilots
  • Public Liability & Indemnity Insurance
  • Access to local environmental services businesses


Understanding landscapes and their assets is vital for sound management of natural resources. But in remote areas, the time and cost associated with data collection can hinder research efforts. Through the use of Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), New England Avionics NRM Aerial Surveys assist researchers to overcome those limitations.

Our Environmental & Natural Resources Management Aerial Surveys

  • Water elevations & Water flow mapping
  • Erosion evaluation and monitoring
  • Natural foliage & weed coverage area calculations
  • Control/management of equipment during construction projects
  • Revegetation surveys and QGIS achieving
  • Contour & topographic maps in both 2D & 3D
  • Wildlife habitat counts
  • Waterway survey for stabilisation works
  • Assisting with wetland re-vegetation audits
  • Mapping weeds in rivers and estuaries

Who we work with locally.

Stringybark Ecological is an environmental services business operating in northern NSW, Australia.

They offer a range of services in:

  • environmental management
  • revegetation and restoration
  • training and education; and
  • research and monitoring

The Armidale Tree Group has decades of experience in revegetation and environmental management.

The following is a list of the Environmental Services they provide.

  • Revegetation & Contract Planting
  • Farm Planting
  • Natural Area Restoration
  • Site & Project Maintenance
  • Flora & Fauna Surveys & Koala Surveys
  • Native Seed Collection
  • Landscaping


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