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NE Avionics Drone Tech Support and Maintenance Services

We are offering DJI Drone tech support to the New England Tablelands area. We offer both remote, online or on-site support to clients 150 Km radius of Armidale NSW. You also have the option to drop off your DJI Drone off to our office location at UNE University while you continue your business in town and pick up your Drone 2 Hrs later.

We offer 12 month fixed priced support services at the following rates:

NEA Standard Drone Service: $49.95 per Month over a 12 month contract.

With our fixed price support service we monitor all your DJI hardware servicing needs over 12 month term so you get the maximum life span for your investment.

Using New England Avionics customised DroneLogbook Software we are able to manage the following for you:

  • Battery Logs and Health
  • Flight Logs and Firmware Upgrades
  • Clean, Safety Check and Service Drone

If your Drone requires more than a standard service the following rates apply below, plus the cost of parts.

  • NEA Online or NEA Office ADHOC Support: $110 /Hr
  • NEA On-site ADHOC Support (150Km from Armidale): $165 /Hr (No Call Out Fee)
  • NEA On-site ADHOC Support (150+Km from Armidale): $165 /Hr (1 Hour Call Out Fee Applies)
  • All pricing includes GST

Contact us today about our Drone Tech Support Services.

We are available between 9-5 Monday to Friday on: 1300 459 158