New England Avionics to offer on-site Sub 2kg RPAS Training

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After 12 months of R&D and demonstrations to Landowners of New England Tablelands NSW. We are launching a new type of RPAS DJI training for Land owners and Lease holders.


Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems – Sub 2Kg VLOS (visual line-of sight) Flight Training

New England Avionics is taking a different approach to RPAS Sub 2Kg training, we are offering on-site training for Landowners or Lease Holders.

Our training teaches you how to integrate DJI Drones into your business. The advantages of on-site training is that our combination of  basic theory of flying safely on your property and your CASA requirements are covered and you get a minimum of 1 hour of one on one practical flying.

Learning to calibrate and fly drones for the first time can be challenging, there is lots of information and flight laws to understand. New England Avionics has taken our 100+ flight hours experience and expert knowledge and distilled it into an easy to understand half day, full day and 2 day advanced course that covers the basics of what you need to know to fly your RPAS safely and legally on your property.

With the new legislation changes CASA has announced for land owners for 29th September 2016. We will be offering advanced drone technology for land owners in the New England Tablelands area. We are currently working on different types uses for drones and their custom training procedures to suit the Agriculture, Local Emergency Services and Renewable Energy Industry.

Our Trainers

We have two trainers available in the New England Tablelands area, which have completed UAVAir sub 2Kg flight training and together have 100+ hours flight experience. All our trainers are fully insured for Sub 2Kg in the use of DJI Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Our trainers have real world experience as we have been perfecting our training procedures over the past 12 months here in Armidale.

Where do we offer training?

We offer this training at your location and is priced per person, we supply on-site training for anyone located within 150+ Km radius of our Armidale NSW location.

When do we offer training?

We offer our training courses on a Saturday or Sunday, this is so we don’t interrupt your busy Monday to Friday tasks. It also gives you the opportunity for the whole family to be involved.

If you would like to include family members as a part of the training we offer this for free on our Full Day and 2 Day training packages. Some conditions do apply please contact us if you want to include family in the training.

Full details of our training packages can be found here.

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