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Litchfield Grazing – Loch Abba

Litchfield Grazing – Loch Abba property is located 15Km NE of Armidale, the property is 4200 acres and on average has 500+ head of cattle grazing at one time. Jason and Kellie Litchfield allow New England Avionics to access their property so we can use it as our primary testing site for our Broad-Acre Aerial Survey Services.

Over the past 6 months we have been collecting video and still photo images of the properties core Infrastructure and Livestock assets and more, to be cataloged into a database for the property owners to access when required.

Another one of our service we have been testing at this site is Pasture Bio-mass Calculations using drone aerial photogrammetry and software algorithms to produce data, which is then analyzed by agronomists at Jason and Kellie’s other business GrazAg located in Armidale.

We have proven that using drone technology on properties the size of Loch Abba we can create a more efficient workflow methods, compared to traditional methods for calculating all different tasks like pasture bio-mass calculations, to inspecting livestock, fencing, water trough, tanks and pipeline infrastructure, buildings and cattle yard assets, etc….

PrecisionHawk Algorithms

If you are interested in our Broad-Acre Aerial Drone Surveys for your property you can call us on 1300 459 158

Below are some examples from Loch Abba

Old Sheep Shearing Shed Roof Inspection

Loch Abba Pasture Survey Results using PrecisionMapper.



3D Model Aerial Survey with Mavic Pro using Pix4D Capture app for automated flight and Pix4D Mapper Pro to generate 3D model.

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